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Textbook MOS Excel 2016 and 2013 + Extra Exercises

Paperback | 366 pages | Translation from Dutch to English

Excel is a calculation program, also called a ‘spreadsheet program’. Working in Excel is actually like working on a large sheet of graph paper. You can type something in each square (cell). This can be a number, text or date, but also an underlying formula which allows you to perform calculations automatically. Not only can you calculate figures with Excel, you can also select, sort and arrange them. It is therefore an ideal program to create summaries with calculations or to organize lists with data.

Arduino Project Handboek

Paperback, full colour | 264 pages | Translation from English to Dutch

The Arduino Project Handbook is a book for beginning users of Arduino (also called Genuino). Arduino is an open source computer platform intended for the design of smart and creative objects. The book is printed completely in colour and lets you build 25 fun and interactive projects.

It works with LEDs, sensors, motors, LCD screens, anti-blocking systems and even fuses to build projects such as a motion detector, a wireless scanning system for identity cards, an ultrasonic robot, a weather station, video games for LCD screens and a rocket launcher.

Program your own iPhone and iPad apps

Paperback, full colour | 336 pages | Translation from English to Dutch

Program your own iPhone and iPad apps is suitable for anyone who dreams of making the next must-have, top 10 app! The easy-to-follow examples in this book let you start creating your own apps in a playful way. Use Apple’s powerful, beginner-friendly programming language, Swift. You’ll work in the playground of the free Xcode application, an interactive environment where you can play with code and immediately see the results!

Crash course programming in Python

Paperback, black and white edition| 584 pages | Translation from English to Dutch

Crash Course programming in Python is a quick but thorough introduction to programming with Python. Learn how to write programs in a short amount of time, how to solve problems and how to make programs work.

This book is suitable for anyone who is seriously considering learning more about programming. The book will help you on your way and teach you how to create programs at a fast pace. Get started with coding now!

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