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Chinese translations
by a native speaker

If you want to be sure that the translation of your source text is a perfect representation of your message in the target language, then you have come to the right place. Mrs. Chan is our freelance Chinese translator and she is a native speaker. She makes sure that your translation into Chinese sounds natural and fluent. You can contact BeeCommunication for all combinations between Chinese, English and Dutch.

BeeCommunication - Freelance vertalers Chinees, Engels en Nederlands
BeeCommunication - Freelance vertalers Chinees, Engels en Nederlands

English translations from
legal to commercial texts

You can contact us for various translations from and into English. Bart Roelands translates your (non-sworn) legal documents, such as contracts, employment contracts, privacy policy, general terms and conditions, but also commercial texts, educational books and more. Curious? Click below to learn more about our English translations.

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